The images above show the artwork for the album “i think you think too much of me” by an indie electronic artist known as EDEN. EDEN is well know for his distorted, washed out music that saddens audiences with meaningful lyrics and storylines.This particular album is a concept album as is narrative driven. The song list has a set order in which is should be placed. Sex, Drugs, And, Rock + Roll is part one of the album and is story driven whereas ‘Fumes’ ‘XO’ & ‘Circles” are all separate tracks. As previously stated EDEN is well known for his distorted music and this is depicted in his cover art and the text itself is distorted and hard to read. The fact this album has a narrative can also be deciphered from the front cover as well, this is due to the one coherent block of text that defines the front cover indicating the separate songs will become one.  There is a limited amount of print on this album which keeps it looking minimalistic and to the point. Basic colour treatment of black and white and the use of white space plays a key role in why this album is successful. There isn’t very much to process, but it’s visually intricate enough to draw your eye. This Digipak is simple and comes with the cover art and the disc which also has the same print as the front cover. EDEN is categorised as ‘Alternative’ which is well know for having quite minimalistic colours, for example, black and white as seen in this Digipak and many others.

The XX

The picture shown above is two versions of The XX’s digipak, both have four panels which is commonly used for albums. The digipak has a very simple colour scheme of black and white, this is very conventional for the alternative genre, as these two colours together are highly associated with the genre.The Digipack includes branded imagery that directly relates to the band as it features the letter ‘X’ all over it. The Digipak lacks font apart from the song list which is small and somewhat hard to read however The XX is a fairly well know band in the genre and therefore their name alone can sell the album. It includes the CD, CD Case and Cover Sleeve which allows audiences/fans to have a better connection with the band as they have a physical copy of the album as oppose to other fans who simply just downloaded the album. Digipaks are a better way for fans to show their appreciation and support for the band. Digipaks are useful for setting the scene for the song/album as the artwork can influence buyers heavily if done correctly as it is eye-catching and intriguing. The artwork and design of a digipak also creates a brand image.



This is the Digipak for the album ‘Drones’ by MUSE. Muse’ latest album is called Drones and is heavily story based. “Drone is a concept album following the protagonist’s journey from abandonment to indoctrination as a “human drone” and eventual defection.” This album talks about real world problems and is shown through their interesting album cover. It shows a person being controlled as if they were a joystick in a Drone. The Dark colours like grey and black suggest this album talks about some dark or sensitive areas. This album has been given an age rating of 15 due to its explicit language. This is fairly obvious on the back of the album and may put off some viewers. Muse is well known for their rock songs however they are also classified as ‘Alternative’ therefore they are following genre conventions when they use minimal colours such as grey and black. This seems to be a common theme amongst all three digipaks I have analysed. Therefore at a glance audience can tell what genre the music is. The font used on the digipak is quite bold and makes a statement as it shows the bands name and album name dominantly so that it catches people’s eye. Although Bold the text is quite small and in opposite corners of the album cover which suggest Muse have put an emphasis on the image being displayed, this suggests they want people to listen to the music for the story and not just because it’s a big name artist. Overall this Digipak is very effective and catches the eye with its simplistic colour scheme and artwork.