For the music video, we don’t intend to use many props as we want to keep the music video quite raw and heavily focused on the two characters, their feelings, and the location.

For the second ‘drop’ of the song, we do intend on bringing a guitar to break, as the guitar symbolises beauty. Relationships are a beautiful thing, however, this relationship is broken beyond repair, therefore, we intend to break the guitar to show that their love is broken. We also intend to imply that the guitar was a gift from the girl to the boy to further show spite between the couple when the guitar gets broken.


The smashing of the guitar is common in the Rock and Roll genre as it was originally an outrageous demonstration of the social intolerance versus the political and cultural dogma of the time, at least for the most part. The trend then carried on and is now used as a way to look ‘cool’ one example of this is Matt Bellamy (lead singer of MUSE).


In our music video, we interpreted it differently and saw it as the destruction of something beautiful which links to the plot of the video, as oppose to smashing something to cool. The destruction of the guitar also will help to convey to audiences that the actor is frustrated and angry which will help built tension amongst the crowd.